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The lovely gentleman at the counter took his time to explain all of the choices of lens options that my coverage had and even ones that weren't part of that coverage. I received the most awesome pair of COACH eyeglasses and I just couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so very much!

-Genevieve N.

The people at Geauga vision are awesome! I went there about 2 years ago and was so pleased. I knew after my aunts cateract surgery exactly where i wanted to take her. I love all of them but i knew i had to take her to see Angie, I knew she would take care of her and boy did she! My aunt who is 85 just could not stop talking about how nice she was. She even assisted my aunt to the door while i got the vehicle. The world needs more Angeliques!! My sister was also very pleased and thats hard to do. Thank you all.

-Victor M.

love the place love the people that works there they are very courteous and my glasses came back very fast. I recommend people to go there thank you for taking my comment

-Ronnie H.

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